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Adjective inferior has 7 senses
  1. inferior - of or characteristic of low rank or importance
    superior, arch, condescending, patronizing, patronising, commanding, ranking, top-level, top-ranking, eminent, high, greatest, leading, preeminent, high-level, high-ranking, upper-level, majestic, olympian, superordinate, upper
  2. inferior - of low or inferior quality
    superior, ace, A-one, crack, first-rate, super, tiptop, topnotch, tops, banner, blue-ribbon, boss, brag, brilliant, superb, capital, choice, prime, prize, quality, select, excellent, first-class, fantabulous, fine, good, gilt-edged, greatest, sterling, superlative, high-performance, outstanding, premium, pukka, pucka, shining, spiffing, top-flight, top-hole, topping, transcendent, surpassing, well-made, supreme, weapons-grade
  3. junior-grade, inferior, lower, lower-ranking, lowly, petty, secondary, subaltern, subordinate - inferior in rank or status; "the junior faculty"; "a lowly corporal"; "petty officialdom"; "a subordinate functionary"
    Antonym: senior (indirect, via junior)
  4. subscript, inferior - written or printed below and to one side of another character
  5. inferior - having an orbit between the sun and the Earth's orbit; "Mercury and Venus are inferior planets"
  6. inferior - lower than a given reference point; "inferior alveolar artery"
    side (indirect, via top, bottom)
    Antonym: top (indirect, via bottom, side)
  7. deficient, inferior, substandard - falling short of some prescribed norm; "substandard housing"
    Antonym: standard (indirect, via nonstandard)
Noun inferior has 2 senses
  1. inferior - one of lesser rank or station or quality
    --1 is a kind of
    Antonyms: superior, higher-up, superordinate
  2. subscript, inferior - a character or symbol set or printed or written beneath or slightly below and to the side of another character
    --2 is a kind of character, grapheme, graphic symbol
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