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Adjective secondary has 5 senses
  1. secondary - of second rank or importance or value; not direct or immediate; "the stone will be hauled to a secondary crusher"; "a secondary source"; "a secondary issue"; "secondary streams"
    primary, capital, direct, firsthand, first-string, original, particular, special
  2. junior-grade, inferior, lower, lower-ranking, lowly, petty, secondary, subaltern, subordinate - inferior in rank or status; "the junior faculty"; "a lowly corporal"; "petty officialdom"; "a subordinate functionary"
    Antonym: senior (indirect, via junior)
  3. secondary - depending on or incidental to what is original or primary; "a secondary infection"
    basic (indirect, via incidental)
  4. secondary - not of major importance; "played a secondary role in world events"
    major (indirect, via minor)
  5. secondary - belonging to a lower class or rank
    dominant (indirect, via subordinate)
Noun secondary has 2 senses
  1. secondary - the defensive football players who line up behind the linemen
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of football team, eleven
    --1 has member: back
  2. secondary coil, secondary winding, secondary - coil such that current is induced in it by passing a current through the primary coil
    --2 is a kind of coil
    --2 is a part of transformer
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