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Adjective super has 3 senses
  1. ace, A-one, crack, first-rate, super, tiptop, topnotch, tops - of the highest quality; "an ace reporter"; "a crack shot"; "a first-rate golfer"; "a super party"; "played top-notch tennis"; "an athlete in tiptop condition"; "she is absolutely tops"
    Antonym: inferior (indirect, via superior)
  2. super - including more than a specified category; "a super experiment"
    noncomprehensive, incomprehensive (indirect, via comprehensive)
  3. super - extremely large; "another super skyscraper"
    small, little (indirect, via large, big)
    Antonyms: small, little (indirect, via large, big)
Adverbial super has 1 sense
  1. super, extremely - to an extreme degree; "the house was super clean for Mother's visit"
Noun super has 1 sense
  1. superintendent, super - a caretaker for an apartment house; represents the owner as janitor and rent collector
    --1 is a kind of caretaker
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