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Noun character has 8 senses
  1. fictional character, fictitious character, character - an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story); "she is the main character in the novel"
    --1 is a kind of imaginary being, imaginary creature
    --1 has particulars:
     Aladdin; Argonaut; Babar; Beatrice; Beowulf; Bluebeard; Bond, James Bond; Bunyan, Paul Bunyan; John Henry; Cheshire cat; Chicken Little; Cinderella; Colonel Blimp; Dracula; Don Quixote; El Cid; Fagin; Falstaff, Sir John Falstaff; Father Brown; Faust, Faustus; Frankenstein; Frankenstein, Frankenstein's monster; Goofy; Gulliver; Hamlet; Horatio Hornblower, Captain Horatio Hornblower; Iago; Inspector Maigret, Commissaire Maigret; Kilroy; Lear, King Lear; Lilliputian; Marlowe, Philip Marlowe; Micawber, Wilkins Micawber; Mother Goose; Mr. Moto; Othello; Pangloss; Pantaloon; Perry Mason; Peter Pan; Pierrot; Pluto; Huckleberry Finn, Huck Finn; Ruritanian; Tarzan, Tarzan of the Apes; Tom Sawyer; Uncle Tom; Uncle Sam; Sherlock Holmes, Holmes; Simon Legree; Sinbad the Sailor, Sinbad; Snoopy; Ali Baba; Emile; protagonist, agonist; Houyhnhnm; Little John; Little Red Ricing Hood; Raskolnikov, Rodya Raskolnikov; Robin Hood; Robinson Crusoe; Rumpelstiltskin; Shylock; Tristan, Tristram; Iseult; Scaramouch, Scaramouche; Svengali; Todd, Sweeney Todd; Trilby; Walter Mitty; Yahoo; Arthur, King Arthur; Galahad, Sir Galahad; Gawain, Sir Gawain; Guinevere, Guenevere; Lancelot, Sir Lancelot; Merlin
  2. quality, character, lineament - a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something; "each town has a quality all its own"; "the radical character of our demands"
    --2 is a kind of property, attribute, dimension
    --2 has particulars: texture
    Derived forms: verb characterize2, verb characterize1, verb characterise1, verb characterise2
  3. character, fiber, fibre - the inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions; "education has for its object the formation of character"- Herbert Spencer
    --3 is a kind of trait
    --3 is a part of personality
    --3 has parts: thoughtfulness; responsibility, responsibleness; integrity
    --3 has particulars: spirit
  4. character, role, theatrical role, part, persona - an actor's portrayal of someone in a play; "she played the part of Desdemona"
    --4 is a kind of portrayal, characterization, enactment, personation
    --4 has particulars:
     bit part, minor role; heavy; hero; ingenue; title role, name part; heroine; villain, baddie
  5. character, eccentric, type, case - a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities); "a real character"; "a strange character"; "a friendly eccentric"; "the capable type"; "a mental case"
    --5 is a kind of adult, grownup
  6. character - good repute; "he is a man of character"
    --6 is a kind of
    repute, reputation
  7. character, reference, character reference - a formal recommendation by a former employer to a potential future employer describing the person's qualifications and dependability; "requests for character references are all to often answered evasively"
    --7 is a kind of recommendation, testimonial, good word
    Derived form: verb characterise2
  8. character, grapheme, graphic symbol - a written symbol that is used to represent speech; "the Greek alphabet has 24 characters"
    --8 is a kind of written symbol, printed symbol
    --8 has particulars:
     allograph; check character; superscript, superior; subscript, inferior; ASCII character; ligature; capital, capital letter, upper case, upper-case letter, majuscule; small letter, lower case, lower-case letter, minuscule; type; percent sign, percentage sign; asterisk, star; dagger, obelisk; double dagger, double obelisk, dieses; letter, letter of the alphabet, alphabetic character; space, blank; phonetic symbol; mathematical symbol; rune, runic letter; pictograph; ideogram, ideograph; radical; stenograph
    Derived form: verb character1
Verb character has 1 sense
  1. character - engrave or inscribe characters on
    --1 is one way to
    engrave, grave, inscribe
    Derived form: noun character8
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
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