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Adjective original has 4 senses
  1. original - preceding all others in time or being as first made or performed; "the original inhabitants of the Americas"; "the book still has its original binding"; "restored the house to its original condition"; "the original performance of the opera"; "the original cast"; "retracted his original statement"
    last (indirect, via intermediate, first)
    Antonym: intermediate (indirect, via first, last)
  2. original - (of e.g. information) not secondhand or by way of something intermediary; "his work is based on only original, not secondary, sources"
    secondary (indirect, via primary)
  3. original - being or productive of something fresh and unusual; or being as first made or thought of; "a truly original approach"; "with original music"; "an original mind"
    unoriginal, banal, commonplace, hackneyed, old-hat, shopworn, stock, threadbare, timeworn, tired, trite, well-worn, bromidic, corny, platitudinal, platitudinous, cliched, ready-made, old, stale, moth-eaten, slavish
  4. original - not derived or copied or translated from something else; "the play is original; not an adaptation"; "he kept the original copy and gave her only a xerox"; "the translation misses much of the subtlety of the original French"
    derived (indirect, via underived)
Noun original has 2 senses
  1. master, master copy, original - an original creation (i.e., an audio recording) from which copies can be made
    --1 is a kind of creation
  2. original, archetype, pilot - an original model on which something is patterned
    --2 is a kind of model, example
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