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Noun comment has 3 senses
  1. remark, comment - a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief; "from time to time she contributed a personal comment on his account"
    --1 is a kind of statement
    --1 has particulars:
     ad-lib; courtesy; gambit, ploy; obiter dictum, passing comment; mention, reference; observation, reflection, reflexion; rib; wisecrack, crack, sally, quip; shot, shaft, slam, dig, barb, jibe, gibe; conversation stopper, stopper; platitude, cliche, banality, commonplace, bromide; zinger
    Derived forms: verb commentate2, verb comment1
  2. comment, commentary - a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material; "he wrote an extended comment on the proposal"
    --2 is a kind of statement
    --2 has particulars: note, annotation, notation
    Derived forms: verb commentate1, verb comment2, verb comment3
  3. gossip, comment, scuttlebutt - a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; "the divorce caused much gossip"
    --3 is a kind of report, account
    --3 has particulars:
     earful; rumor, rumour, hearsay; grapevine, pipeline, word of mouth; scandal, dirt, malicious gossip; talk, talk of the town
Verb comment has 3 senses
  1. comment, notice, remark, point out - make or write a comment on; "he commented the paper of his colleague"
    --1 is one way to note, observe, mention, remark
    Derived forms: noun commentary1, noun comment1
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s something
    => Somebody ----s
    => Somebody ----s that CLAUSE
  2. comment - explain or interpret something
    --2 is one way to
    explain, explicate
    Derived form: noun comment2
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s something
    Something ----s something
  3. gloss, comment, annotate - provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases; "He annotated on what his teacher had written"
    --3 is one way to interpret
    Derived form: noun comment2
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something
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