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natural process

Noun natural process has 1 sense
  1. natural process, natural action, action, activity - a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings); "the action of natural forces"; "volcanic activity"
    --1 is a kind of process
    --1 has particulars:
     radiation; absorption; acidification; adiabatic process; aeration; antiredeposition; capture; capture; centrifugation; chemical process, chemical change, chemical action; chromatography; concretion; condensation; convection; curdling, clotting, coagulation; decay; demagnetization, demagnetisation; desorption; diffusion; dissolution, disintegration; distillation, distillment; drift; effervescence; electrophoresis, cataphoresis, dielectrolysis, ionophoresis; establishment, ecesis; extinction; extraction; feedback; filtration; flocculation; flow; formation; fossilization, fossilisation; geological process, geologic process; hardening, solidifying, solidification, set, curing; ignition; inactivation; induction; ion exchange; ionization, ionisation; leach, leaching; magnetization, magnetisation, magnetic induction; materialization, materialisation; nuclear reaction; opacification; oscillation; oxygenation; pair production, pair creation, pair formation; phase change, phase transition, state change, physical change; precession of the equinoxes; release; saltation; scattering; sericulture; sink; soak, soakage, soaking; softening; sorption; source; stiffening, rigidifying, rigidification; stimulation; succession, ecological succession; survival, survival of the fittest, natural selection, selection; synergy, synergism; temperature change; transduction; transpiration; vitrification
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