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Noun disintegration has 4 senses
  1. decomposition, disintegration - in a decomposed state
    --1 is a kind of decay
    --1 has particulars: fragmentation
    Derived form: verb disintegrate1
  2. dissolution, disintegration - separation into component parts
    --2 is a kind of natural process, natural action, action, activity
    --2 has particulars: fibrinolysis; lysis
    Derived form: verb disintegrate1
  3. decay, radioactive decay, disintegration - the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substance along with the emission of ionizing radiation
    --3 is a kind of nuclear reaction
    --3 has particulars: alpha decay; beta decay
    Derived forms: verb disintegrate2, verb disintegrate3
  4. annihilation, disintegration - total destruction; "bomb tests resulted in the annihilation of the atoll"
    --4 is a kind of destruction, demolition, wipeout
    --4 has particulars: extinction, extermination
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