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supply closet


Definitions from WordNet

Noun supply closet has 1 sense
  1. supply closet - a closet for storing supplies
    --1 is a kind of
    cupboard, closet

Definitions from the Web

Supply Closet

A supply closet, also known as a storage closet or stockroom, is a designated space within a workplace or organization where various supplies and materials are stored. It serves as a convenient centralized location for employees to access essential items required for their day-to-day tasks.

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1: Workplace Storage

In the context of a workplace or office setting, a supply closet is a room or an area used to store office supplies, stationery, and other essential items such as paper, ink cartridges, pens, staplers, and folders. It helps ensure that employees have easy access to these supplies whenever they need them. A well-organized supply closet can streamline workflow and minimize downtime.

Example sentence 1: The supply closet is stocked with printer paper, toner, and envelopes.

Example sentence 2: Jane went to the supply closet to get some sticky notes for the meeting.

Sense 2: janitors' Storage

In the context of custodial or janitorial services, a supply closet refers to a storage room that holds cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools necessary for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It typically contains items like brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, cleaning solutions, and trash bags.

Example sentence 1: The janitor restocked the supply closet with fresh cleaning supplies.

Example sentence 2: The custodial staff keeps the supply closet locked for safety reasons.

Sense 3: Local Community Spaces

In some local communities, supply closets are established as a means of providing essential items to those in need. These supply closets or pantries are typically located in community centers, schools, or churches and stock items like food, toiletries, and clothing for individuals experiencing financial hardships. They operate on principles of donations and volunteer-based management.

Example sentence 1: The local church set up a supply closet to assist families affected by the recent natural disaster.

Example sentence 2: The school's supply closet provides backpacks and school supplies to students from low-income households.

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