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Term: Supplemental


Supplemental is an adjective that refers to something additional, extra, or complementary. It is used to describe something that is added to enhance or complete something else.


1. Additional or Extra:

When used to describe something as supplemental, it implies that it is an extra or additional component that accompanies the main entity. It refers to something that is not essential but provides additional value or support.

Example sentence: The textbook includes a supplemental guide for further reading.

2. Complementary:

Supplemental can also mean something that complements or enhances something else. It signifies the provision of additional information, resources, or support to improve the existing entity.

Example sentence: The company offers supplemental training to employees to enhance their skills.


1. Internet Marketing:

In the field of internet marketing, a supplemental keyword or phrase refers to an additional word or phrase that complements the primary keyword in order to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Example sentence: Using a supplemental keyword helped improve the website's search rankings.

2. Education:

In education, supplemental materials are additional resources or learning materials used to support the main curriculum. These can include workbooks, study guides, or online resources.

Example sentence: The teacher provided the students with supplemental worksheets to reinforce the lesson.

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