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supply route


Definitions from WordNet

Noun supply route has 1 sense
  1. supply line, supply route - a route over which supplies can be delivered
    --1 is a kind of path, route, itinerary

Definitions from the Web

Supply Route

A supply route is a path or channel through which goods, resources, or provisions are transported from one place to another. It is an essential link in ensuring the steady flow of supplies to support various operations.

Examples of different types of supply routes include land routes, such as roads and highways, water routes like rivers and canals, and air routes utilized by aircraft. Supply routes can also refer to the specific paths used by military forces to deliver necessary goods and equipment to their stationed locations.

Senses and Usages
1. Military Supply Route

In military operations, a supply route plays a crucial role in maintaining the soldiers' readiness and enabling their sustained operations. Securing and protecting the supply routes is of utmost importance to prevent any disruption in the flow of necessary resources.

Example sentence: The army established a heavily guarded supply route to ensure the delivery of ammunition and food to the front lines during the war.

2. Commercial Supply Route

In commerce, a supply route refers to the transportation path used by businesses to distribute their products or materials to customers or other facilities. It involves logistics coordination and optimization to ensure efficient and timely deliveries.

Example sentence: The company decided to utilize a new supply route to expand their market reach and reduce shipping costs.

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