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supply line


Definitions from WordNet

Noun supply line has 1 sense
  1. supply line, supply route - a route over which supplies can be delivered
    --1 is a kind of path, route, itinerary

Definitions from the Web

Term: Supply Line

Definition: A supply line refers to a route or system used to transport essential goods and resources from their source to the intended destination.

Part of Speech: Noun

Sense 1: A logistical pathway for delivering military equipment and commodities to troops in combat areas.

Example sentence: The disruption of the supply line severely impacted the soldiers' ability to sustain themselves during the war.

Sense 2: A network of transportation and distribution used by organizations or businesses to move products from manufacturers to customers.

Example sentence: The company's efficient supply line allowed them to deliver their products to customers faster than their competitors.

Sense 3: A connection that provides a constant flow of goods, materials, or services to support a specific process or operation.

Example sentence: The supply line of spare parts enabled the factory to continue production without any major delays.

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