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Definitions from WordNet

Noun listener has 1 sense
  1. hearer, listener, auditor, attender - someone who listens attentively
    --1 is a kind of perceiver, observer, beholder
    --1 is a member of audience
    --1 has particulars: eavesdropper
    Derived forms: verb listen2, verb listen1

Definitions from the Web



A listener is a person who actively pays attention and hears or understands something being communicated.

Example sentence: The radio host always had a large number of listeners for his morning show.

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In computer science, a listener is a software component that waits for specific events or messages and triggers appropriate actions when those events occur.

Example sentence: The web server uses a listener to handle incoming client requests.

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In music, a listener refers to someone who enjoys or critically appreciates musical compositions, performances, or recordings.

Example sentence: The jazz concert attracted a diverse audience of listeners, ranging from enthusiasts to casual fans.

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In the context of therapy or counseling, a listener is a therapist who actively listens and provides empathetic support to their client.

Example sentence: The listener provided a safe and non-judgmental space for the patient to express their emotions freely.

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