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Definitions from WordNet

Noun eavesdropper has 1 sense
  1. eavesdropper - a secret listener to private conversations
    --1 is a kind of
    snoop, snooper; hearer, listener, auditor, attender
    --1 has particulars: tapper, wiretapper, phone tapper
    Derived form: verb eavesdrop1

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Eavesdroppers refers to individuals who secretly listen to other people's conversations or private discussions without their knowledge or consent. It is generally considered an invasion of privacy and can be seen as unethical behavior.


  • Noun: The eavesdroppers in the cafe whispered amongst themselves while listening to the neighboring table's conversation.
  • Verb: She couldn't help but eavesdrop on her neighbors' heated argument through the thin apartment walls.
  • Adjective: Aware of the eavesdroppers, they spoke in low tones to ensure their conversation remained private.

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