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Eavesdropping refers to the act of intentionally or unintentionally listening to someone's private conversation without their knowledge or consent.

Possible Parts of Speech

  • Noun: eavesdropping
  • Verb: eavesdrop


Sense 1 (Noun):

The intentional act of secretly listening to someone's conversation.

Example Sentence:

She accidentally discovered her neighbors' plans while eavesdropping on their conversation through the thin wall.

Sense 2 (Verb):

The act of secretly listening to a conversation without the participants' knowledge or consent.

Example Sentence:

He couldn't help but eavesdrop on the gossiping group of teenagers sitting behind him in the café.

Sense 3 (Verb):

To overhear or listen to a private conversation unintentionally.

Example Sentence:

While walking down the street, she eavesdropped on a heated argument between two strangers.

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