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Noun containerful has 1 sense
  1. containerful - the quantity that a container will hold
    --1 is a kind of
    indefinite quantity
    --1 has particulars:
     armful; bag, bagful; barrel, barrelful; barrow, barrowful; barnful; basin, basinful; basket, basketful; bin, binful; bottle, bottleful; bowl, bowlful; box, boxful; bucket, bucketful; can, canful; capful; carful; cartload; carton, cartonful; case, caseful; cask, caskful; crate, crateful; cup, cupful; dish, dishful; dustpan, dustpanful; flask, flaskful; glass, glassful; handful, fistful; hatful; headful; houseful; jar, jarful; jug, jugful; keg, kegful; kettle, kettleful; lapful; mouthful; mug, mugful; pail, pailful; pipeful; pitcher, pitcherful; plate, plateful; pocketful; pot, potful; roomful; sack, sackful; scoop, scoopful; shelfful; shoeful; shovel, shovelful, spadeful; skepful; spoon, spoonful; tablespoon, tablespoonful; dessertspoon, dessertspoonful; tank, tankful; teacup, teacupful; teaspoon, teaspoonful; thimble, thimbleful; tub, tubful
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