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Noun vibration has 4 senses
  1. vibration, quiver, quivering - the act of vibrating
    --1 is a kind of motion, movement, move, motility
    --1 has particulars: tremor, shudder
    Derived form: verb vibrate2
  2. vibe, vibration - a distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively; "it gave me a nostalgic vibe"; "that man gives off bad vibes"
    --2 is a kind of atmosphere, ambiance, ambience
  3. shaking, shakiness, trembling, quiver, quivering, vibration, palpitation - a shaky motion; "the shaking of his fingers as he lit his pipe"
    --3 is a kind of motion
    --3 has particulars: tremolo; tremor
    Derived form: verb vibrate1
  4. oscillation, vibration - (physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean
    --4 is a kind of wave, undulation
    --4 has particulars:
     ripple; transient; beat; resonance; sympathetic vibration
    Derived form: verb vibrate2
vibrant vibrantly vibraphone vibraphonist vibrate vibrates vibrating vibrating reed vibration vibrational vibrations vibrato vibraton vibrator vibratory vibratto vibrio

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