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Definitions from WordNet

Noun vanquisher has 1 sense
  1. conqueror, vanquisher - someone who is victorious by force of arms
    --1 is a kind of victor, master, superior
    --1 has particulars: subjugator; Alexander, Alexander the Great
    Derived form: verb vanquish1

Definitions from the Web



A vanquisher is someone or something that conquers or defeats an opponent, typically in a spectacular or decisive manner.

Part of Speech:



  1. One who defeats or overcomes an opponent
  2. A warrior or hero who triumphs over their enemies

Sample Sentences:

  1. He proved to be a fearless vanquisher, defeating all his opponents in the boxing ring.
  2. The vanquisher of evil emerged as a true hero, saving the city from destruction.


  • The vanquisher of darkness
  • A vanquisher's triumph

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