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Definitions from WordNet

Noun conqueror has 1 sense
  1. conqueror, vanquisher - someone who is victorious by force of arms
    --1 is a kind of victor, master, superior
    --1 has particulars: subjugator; Alexander, Alexander the Great
    Derived forms: verb conquer3, verb conquer1

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Conqueror refers to a person who successfully overcomes or defeats someone or something through force, power, or superior skill. It can also describe a person who becomes victorious in a competitive or challenging situation.

Senses and Usages


  1. A winner; someone who conquers or defeats others.
  2. Example sentence: The conqueror of the chess tournament was awarded a gold medal.

  3. A person who gains control over a territory or group, typically through warfare or military strategies.
  4. Example sentence: Julius Caesar, the famous Roman conqueror, expanded the Roman Empire through his military campaigns.

  5. Someone who successfully overcomes a major obstacle or challenge.
  6. Example sentence: After months of hard work, she finally emerged as the conqueror of her fear of public speaking.


  1. To defeat or overcome someone or something through force or skill.
  2. Example sentence: The army managed to conquer the enemy and take control of their territory.

  3. To gain control over a place or group through military conquest.
  4. Example sentence: The emperor sought to conquer the neighboring kingdom and establish his dominance.

  5. To completely master a skill, task, or challenge.
  6. Example sentence: With dedicated practice, he was able to conquer the difficult guitar riff.

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