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Noun turkey has 6 senses
  1. turkey, Meleagris gallopavo - large gallinaceous bird with fan-shaped tail; widely domesticated for food
    --1 is a kind of domestic fowl, fowl, poultry
    --1 is a member of Meleagris, genus Meleagris
    --1 has particulars: turkey cock, gobbler, tom, tom turkey
  2. Turkey, Republic of Turkey - a Eurasian republic in Asia Minor and the Balkans; achieved independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1923
    --2 is a kind of country, state, land
    --2 is a part of
     Middle East, Mideast, Near East; Asia Minor, Anatolia; Balkan Peninsula, Balkans
    --2 is a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO
    --2 has parts:
     Edirne, Adrianople, Adrianopolis; Kurdistan; Abydos; Adana, Seyhan; Ankara, Turkish capital, capital of Turkey; Antalya, Adalia; Antioch, Antakya, Antakiya; Dardanelles, Hellespont; Istanbul, Stambul, Stamboul, Constantinople; Bursa, Brusa; Izmir, Smyrna; Pergamum; Sardis; Aegospotami, Aegospotamos; Ararat, Mount Ararat, Mt. Ararat; Aras, Araxes; Bosporus; Euphrates, Euphrates River; Seyhan, Seyhan River; Tigris, Tigris River
    --2 has members: Turk
  3. joker, turkey - a person who does something thoughtless or annoying; "some joker is blocking the driveway"
    --3 is a kind of unpleasant person, disagreeable person
  4. turkey - flesh of large domesticated fowl usually roasted
    --4 is a kind of
    --4 has parts: breast, white meat; turkey wing
  5. turkey, bomb, dud - an event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual; "the first experiment was a real turkey"; "the meeting was a dud as far as new business was concerned"
    --5 is a kind of flop, bust
  6. ocellated turkey, Agriocharis ocellata, turkey - wild turkey of Central America and northern South America
    --6 is a kind of gallinaceous bird, gallinacean
    --6 is a member of Agriocharis, genus Agriocharis
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