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tape machine


Definitions from WordNet

Noun tape machine has 1 sense
  1. tape recorder, tape machine - a magnetic recorder using magnetic tape
    --1 is a kind of magnetic recorder
    --1 has parts: magnetic head; tape drive, tape transport, transport
    --1 has particulars: Dictaphone; videocassette recorder, VCR

Definitions from the Web

Tape Machine


A tape machine, also known as a tape recorder, is a device used for recording, playback, and storage of audio or video signals on magnetic tape. It consists of various components including a tape head, transport mechanism, and recording/playback controls.


Sense 1:

A device used for recording and playback of audio signals.

Example sentence: I found my old tape machine in the attic and listened to all the nostalgic music I had recorded years ago.

Sense 2:

A machine used for recording audio or video signals in professional studios or broadcasting facilities.

Example sentence: The sound engineer adjusted the levels on the tape machine to ensure the highest quality recording of the musician's performance.

Sense 3:

A device for playing cassette tapes.

Example sentence: My tape machine broke down, so I had to dig out my old Walkman to listen to my favorite mixtapes from the '90s.

Sense 4:

A locally used term for a tape measure or measuring tape.

Example sentence: The carpenter used a tape machine to accurately measure the length of the wooden plank.

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