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tape cartridge


Definitions from WordNet

Noun tape cartridge has 1 sense
  1. tape cartridge - a cartridge containing magnetic tape; for use with audio or video recorders or computer systems
    --1 is a kind of

Definitions from the Web

Tape Cartridge


A tape cartridge is a small plastic case that contains magnetic tape, used for storing and recording data or audio. It typically consists of a reel-to-reel tape enclosed in a protective casing.

Sample Sentences:

As a noun:

  • I found an old tape cartridge in the attic filled with my parents' wedding songs.
  • The data backup was stored on a tape cartridge for safekeeping.

As a verb:

  • She carefully tape cartridges their cassette collection to prevent any damage.
  • The technician will tape cartridge the reel-to-reel tape to ensure proper playback.

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