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tape drive


Definitions from WordNet

Noun tape drive has 1 sense
  1. tape drive, tape transport, transport - a mechanism that transport magnetic tape across the read/write heads of a tape playback/recorder
    --1 is a kind of mechanism
    --1 is a part of tape deck; tape recorder, tape machine

Definitions from the Web

Tape Drive

A tape drive refers to a data storage device that uses magnetic tape to read and write data. It is commonly used for backup and archival purposes due to its large storage capacity and long-term data retention capabilities.

  1. Noun: A hardware device specifically designed to access and manipulate data on magnetic tape.
  2. Verb: The act of using a tape drive to read from or write data onto magnetic tape.
  1. Noun:

    The organization invested in a new tape drive to ensure secure and reliable data backups.

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  2. Verb:

    We need to tape drive all the files from the old magnetic tapes onto the new storage medium.

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