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table tipping


Definitions from WordNet

Noun table tipping has 1 sense
  1. table tipping, table tilting, table turning, table lifting - manipulation of a table during a seance; attributed to spirits
    --1 is a kind of psychic phenomena, psychic phenomenon, parapsychology
    --1 is a part of seance, sitting, session

Definitions from the Web

Table Tipping

Definition: Table tipping is a paranormal phenomenon where a table appears to move or tilt without any physical force or contact.

Sample Sentences:

  • During our ghost hunt, we experienced incredible table tipping that left the entire group in awe.
  • She attended a sťance where table tipping was used as a means of communication with the spirits.
  • Table tipping is often associated with spiritualism and is considered a form of supernatural manifestation.
  • After researching the history of table tipping, she became fascinated by the mystery surrounding this phenomenon.

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