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table rapping


Definitions from WordNet

Noun table rapping has 1 sense
  1. table rapping, table tapping, spirit rapping - alleged form of communication with spirits of the dead
    --1 is a kind of psychic phenomena, psychic phenomenon, parapsychology
    --1 is a part of seance, sitting, session

Definitions from the Web

Table Rapping


Table rapping refers to the paranormal phenomenon where sounds, knocks, or tapping noises are produced on a table or other surfaces without any apparent physical cause. It is commonly associated with spiritualism and attempts to communicate with spirits or the deceased.

Sample Sentences:

  • The participants gathered around the table, waiting eagerly for any signs of table rapping during the sťance.
  • The medium claimed to be able to summon spirits who could communicate through table rapping, much to the astonishment of the audience.
  • During the investigation, the researchers attempted to debunk the alleged table rapping by carefully examining the table and ruling out any possible hidden mechanisms.
  • Many skeptics believe that table rapping is nothing more than a result of subconscious movements called the ideomotor effect.

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