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Noun relationship has 4 senses
  1. relationship, human relationship - a relation between people; (`relationship' is often used where `relation' would serve, as in `the relationship between inflation and unemployment', but the preferred usage of `relationship' is for human relations or states of relatedness); "the relationship between mothers and their children"
    --1 is a kind of relation
    --1 has particulars: personal relation, personal relationship
  2. relationship - a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection); "he didn't want his wife to know of the relationship"
    --2 is a kind of
    --2 has particulars: anaclisis; love affair, romance; sexual relationship
  3. relationship - a state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries
    --3 is a kind of
    --3 has particulars:
     account, business relationship; acquaintance, acquaintanceship; affiliation, association, tie, tie-up; assimilation; friendship, friendly relationship; membership; subjugation, subjection
  4. kinship, family relationship, relationship - state of relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
    --4 is a kind of relation
    --4 has particulars:
     affinity, phylogenetic relation; descent, line of descent, lineage, filiation; affinity, kinship by marriage; consanguinity, blood kinship, cognation; parentage, birth; fatherhood, paternity; motherhood, maternity; sisterhood, sistership; brotherhood; marital relationship, marital bed
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