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Adjective reformist has 1 sense
  1. progressive, reformist, reform-minded - favoring or promoting reform (often by government action)
    Antonym: conservative (indirect, via liberal)
Noun reformist has 1 sense
  1. reformer, reformist, crusader, meliorist - a disputant who advocates reform
    --1 is a kind of disputant, controversialist, eristic
    --1 has particulars:
     abolitionist, emancipationist; birth-control campaigner, birth-control reformer; Chartist; civil rights leader, civil rights worker, civil rights activist; demonstrator, protester; dry, prohibitionist; environmentalist, conservationist; feminist, women's rightist, women's liberationist, libber; hippie, hippy, hipster, flower child; insurgent, insurrectionist, freedom fighter, rebel; militant, activist; non-resistant, passive resister; preservationist; Utopian; Comstock, Anthony Comstock; Huss, John Huss, Hus, Jan Hus; Owen, Robert Owen; Savonarola, Girolamo Savonarola; Townsend, Francis Everett Townsend; Wilkes, John Wilkes
    Derived forms: verb reform5, verb reform2, verb reform1
reformatting reformed reformed figurative reformed orthography reformer reformers reforming reformism reformist reformistisms reformistsm reforms reformulate reformulated refought refound refounded

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