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Adjective: Reacting swiftly or promptly to a situation or stimulus.


Sense 1: A fast and immediate response to a specific event or situation.

Sense 2: Characterized by rapid reflexes or sudden movements in response to external stimuli.


Popular Usage

He is known for his quick-reaction skills in sports.

The team's quick-reaction saved them from losing the game.

Local Usage

In our neighborhood, the fire department has a quick-reaction team always ready for emergencies.

Due to increased crime rates, people are demanding a quick-reaction police force in our city.

Sample Sentences

1. She had a quick-reaction to the sound of breaking glass and immediately called the police.

2. The quick-reaction of the pilot avoided a potential disaster.

3. The company's quick-reaction to customer complaints improved their reputation.

4. As a goalkeeper, his quick-reaction allowed him to save many goals during the match.

5. The military's quick-reaction forces were deployed to handle the unexpected attack.

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