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Term: Quick-fingered


Quick-fingered is an adjective that describes someone who has nimble or agile fingers, enabling them to perform tasks skillfully and swiftly.

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1:

Quick-fingered (adjective): Having fast and dexterous fingers.

Sample Sentence 1: Mary, the quick-fingered pianist, effortlessly played the complex piece with precision.

Sample Sentence 2: The quick-fingered thief managed to snatch the wallet without being noticed.

Sense 2:

Quick-fingered (adjective): Skilled in sleight of hand; adept at performing tricks involving manual dexterity.

Sample Sentence 1: The quick-fingered magician entertained the crowd with his incredible card tricks.

Sample Sentence 2: It is mesmerizing to watch a quick-fingered pickpocket at work, even though their actions are illegal.

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