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Quichua refers to a group of indigenous languages spoken primarily in the Andean region of South America, including Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia.

It can also refer to the people who speak these languages or their culture.


As a Noun:

- The Quichua language is widely spoken among indigenous communities in the Andean region.

- The Quichua people have a rich cultural heritage.

As an Adjective:

- The Quichua community organized a traditional festival.

- She is studying Quichua linguistics at the university.

Sample Sentences:

1. "I have been learning Quichua for over a year and can now hold basic conversations with native speakers."

2. "The Quichua culture is known for its vibrant artwork and traditional music."

3. "He comes from a Quichua family and is proud of his indigenous heritage."

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