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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective quick-change has 1 sense
  1. quick-change - adept at changing from one thing to another especially changing costumes; "a quick-change artist"
    unchangeable (indirect, via changeable)

Definitions from the Web

Term: Quick-change


Quick-change refers to the act or process of rapidly changing one thing into another, often involving a sudden transformation or conversion.


  • Noun: An abrupt and speedy costume change, typically carried out during a theatrical performance.
  • Verb: To quickly and smoothly change from one outfit to another, especially for stage performers.
  • Adjective: Characterized by rapid or instantaneous transitions or alterations.


Sense: Noun - An abrupt and speedy costume change during a theatrical performance

Sample Sentence 1: The magician amazed the audience with his quick-change act, turning his tuxedo into a dazzling sequined dress in a matter of seconds.

Sample Sentence 2: The ballet performance was enhanced by the spectacular quick-changes, as ballerinas seamlessly transformed their costumes from tutus to flowing gowns.

Sense: Verb - To quickly and smoothly change outfits, especially for stage performers

Sample Sentence 1: The actress had only a few seconds to quick-change into her next costume before making her entrance on stage.

Sample Sentence 2: The backstage crew worked tirelessly to ensure the actors could quick-change effortlessly between scenes, maintaining the flow of the play.

Sense: Adjective - Characterized by rapid or instantaneous transitions or alterations

Sample Sentence 1: The fashion show featured a quick-change runway, where models quickly transformed their looks, showcasing various clothing styles.

Sample Sentence 2: The quick-change techniques used in film editing allowed for smooth transitions between scenes, captivating the audience without disruption.

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