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Noun piling has 1 sense
  1. pile, spile, piling, stilt - a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure
    --1 is a kind of column, pillar
    --1 has particulars: sheet pile, sheath pile, sheet piling
Verb pile has 3 senses
  1. stack, pile, heap - arrange in stacks; "heap firewood around the fireplace"; "stack your books up on the shelves"
    --1 is one way to arrange, set up
    Derived form: noun pile1
    Sample sentence:
    They pile their rifles on the cabinet
  2. throng, mob, pack, pile, jam - press tightly together or cram; "The crowd packed the auditorium"
    --2 is one way to crowd, crowd together
    Derived forms: noun pile2, noun pile1
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s PP
  3. pile - place or lay as if in a pile; "The teacher piled work on the students until the parents protested"
    --3 is one way to
    put, set, place, pose, position, lay
    Derived form: noun pile1
    Sample sentence:
    Somebody ----s something PP
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