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pill bottle


Definitions from WordNet

Noun pill bottle has 1 sense
  1. pill bottle - a small bottle for holding pills
    --1 is a kind of

Definitions from the Web

Pill Bottle


A pill bottle is a small container typically made of plastic or glass that is used for storing and dispensing medication. It is commonly used to keep prescription or over-the-counter pills organized and protected.


1. Physical Container:

The term "pill bottle" refers to the physical container specifically designed for holding pills or tablets. It usually has a cap or lid that can be securely closed to keep the pills safe and prevent moisture or air exposure.

Example sentence:

Make sure to store the unused pills in a pill bottle with a child-proof cap.

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2. Label or Prescription Information:

"Pill bottle" can also refer to the label or information attached to a medication container, which includes details such as the drug name, dosage instructions, expiration date, and the prescribing doctor's or pharmacy's contact information.

Example sentence:

Always read the instructions provided on the pill bottle before taking any medication.


1. Medication Storage and Organization:

Pill bottles are commonly used to store and organize various medications, ensuring they are kept in a safe and convenient place.

Example sentence:

The elderly woman had a collection of pill bottles neatly arranged on her bedside table.

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2. Pharmacy Dispensing:

Pharmacies use pill bottles to dispense prescribed medications. The pharmacist fills the bottles with the prescribed pills and attaches the necessary labels.

Example sentence:

The pharmacist handed me my prescription and placed the pills in a large pill bottle.

3. Travel or Portable Medication:

Pill bottles are often used for travel or when carrying medication in a purse or bag, providing a secure and compact way to keep pills while on the go.

Example sentence:

She always keeps a small pill bottle in her purse in case she needs pain relief while away from home.

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4. Craft or Art Projects:

Pill bottles can also be repurposed for various craft or art projects due to their small size and unique shape.

Example sentence:

The children used empty pill bottles to create colorful maracas for their school project.

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