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physiological state

Noun physiological state has 1 sense
  1. physiological state, physiological condition - the state of the body or bodily functions
    --1 is a kind of state
    --1 has particulars:
     wakefulness; incompatibility; homeostasis; acathexia; angiotelectasia; torpor, torpidity; agalactia, agalactosis; anesthesia, anaesthesia; anhidrosis, anhydrosis; arousal; sleep, slumber; sleep; drive; elastosis; flatulence, flatulency, gas; flexure, flection, flexion; estrus, oestrus, heat, rut; anestrus, anestrum, anoestrus, anoestrum; hypercapnia, hypercarbia; hypocapnia, acapnia; asphyxia; oxygen debt; hyperthermia, hyperthermy; normothermia; hypothermia; myasthenia; sterility, infertility; false pregnancy, pseudocyesis; pregnancy, gestation, maternity; rigor mortis; vitalization, vitalisation; good health, healthiness; fertility, fecundity; potency; cellularity; addiction, dependence, dependency, habituation; suspended animation; cryptobiosis; dilatation, distension, distention; emmetropia; sedation; hyperpigmentation; hypopigmentation; amyxia; cold sweat; obstruction, blockage; poisoning, toxic condition, intoxication; analgesia; oligospermia
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