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fish family

Noun fish family has 1 sense
  1. fish family - any of various families of fish
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of
     Vertebrata, subphylum Vertebrata, Craniata, subphylum Craniata
    --1 has particulars:
     Cobitidae, family Cobitidae; Cyprinidae, family Cyprinidae; Electrophoridae, family Electrophoridae; Catostomidae, family Catostomidae; Cyprinodontidae, family Cyprinodontidae; Poeciliidae, family Poeciliidae; Holocentridae, family Holocentridae; Anomalopidae, family Anomalopidae; Zeidae, family Zeidae; Caproidae, family Caproidae; Fistulariidae, family Fistulariidae; Gasterosteidae, family Gasterosteidae; Syngnathidae, family Syngnathidae; Macrorhamphosidae, family Macrorhamphosidae; Centriscidae, family Centriscidae; Aulostomidae, family Aulostomidae; Petromyzontidae, family Petromyzontidae; Myxinidae, family Myxinidae; Chimaeridae, family Chimaeridae; Hexanchidae, family Hexanchidae; Lamnidae, family Lamnidae; Isuridae, family Isuridae; Cetorhinidae, family Cetorhinidae; Alopiidae, family Alopiidae; Orectolobidae, family Orectolobidae; Carchariidae, family Carchariidae, Odontaspididae, family Odontaspididae; Rhincodontidae, family Rhincodontidae; Scyliorhinidae, family Scyliorhinidae; Carcharhinidae, family Carcharhinidae; Triakidae, family Triakidae; Squalidae, family Squalidae; Sphyrnidae, family Sphyrnidae; Squatinidae, family Squatinidae; Torpedinidae, family Torpedinidae; Pristidae, family Pristidae; Rhinobatidae, family Rhinobatidae; Dasyatidae, family Dasyatidae; Myliobatidae, family Myliobatidae; Mobulidae, family Mobulidae; Rajidae, family Rajidae; Latimeridae, family Latimeridae; Ceratodontidae, family Ceratodontidae; Siluridae, family Siluridae; Ameiuridae, family Ameiuridae; Laricariidae, family Laricariidae; Ariidae, family Ariidae; Gadidae, family Gadidae; Macrouridae, family Macrouridae, Macruridae, family Macruridae; Anguillidae, family Anguillidae; Muraenidae, family Muraenidae; Congridae, family Congridae; Gonorhynchidae, family Gonorhynchidae; Clupeidae, family Clupeidae; Engraulidae, family Engraulidae; Salmonidae, family Salmonidae; Coregonidae, family Coregonidae; Osmeridae, family Osmeridae; Elopidae, family Elopidae; Albulidae, family Albulidae; Argentinidae, family Argentinidae; Myctophidae, family Myctophidae; Synodontidae, family Synodontidae; Chlorophthalmidae, family Chlorophthalmidae; Lampridae, family Lampridae; Trachipteridae, family Trachipteridae; Regalecidae, family Regalecidae; Ogcocephalidae, family Ogcocephalidae; Lophiidae, family Lophiidae; Batrachoididae, family Batrachoididae; Antennariidae, family Antennariidae; Belonidae, family Belonidae; Exocoetidae, family Exocoetidae; Hemiramphidae, family Hemiramphidae; Scomberesocidae, family Scomberesocidae, Scombresocidae, family Scombresocidae; Ophiodontidae, family Ophiodontidae; Anabantidae, family Anabantidae; Percidae, family Percidae; Trichodontidae, family Trichodontidae; Ophidiidae, family Ophidiidae; Brotulidae, family Brotulidae; Carapidae, family Carapidae; Centropomidae, family Centropomidae; Esocidae, family Esocidae; Centrarchidae, family Centrarchidae; Serranidae, family Serranidae; Embiotocidae, family Embiotocidae; Priacanthidae, family Priacanthidae; Apogonidae, family Apogonidae; Malacanthidae, family Malacanthidae; Pomatomidae, family Pomatomidae; Rachycentridae, family Rachycentridae; Echeneididae, family Echeneididae, family Echeneidae; Carangidae, family Carangidae; Coryphaenidae, family Coryphaenidae; Bramidae, family Bramidae; Branchiostegidae, family Branchiostegidae; Characidae, family Characidae; Characinidae, family Characinidae; Cichlidae, family Cichlidae; Lutjanidae, family Lutjanidae; Haemulidae, family Haemulidae; Sparidae, family Sparidae; Sciaenidae, family Sciaenidae; Mullidae, family Mullidae; Mugilidae, family Mugilidae; Atherinidae, family Atherinidae; Sphyraenidae, family Sphyraenidae; Pempheridae, family Pempheridae; Kyphosidae, family Kyphosidae; Ephippidae, family Ephippidae; Chaetodontidae, family Chaetodontidae; Pomacentridae, family Pomacentridae; Labridae, family Labridae; Scaridae, family Scaridae; Polynemidae, family Polynemidae; Opisthognathidae, family Opisthognathidae; Uranoscopidae, family Uranoscopidae; Dactyloscopidae, family Dactyloscopidae; Blenniidae, family Blenniidae; Clinidae, family Clinidae; Pholidae, family Pholidae, family Pholididae; Stichaeidae, family Stichaeidae; Anarhichadidae, family Anarhichadidae; Zoarcidae, family Zoarcidae; Ammodytidae, family Ammodytidae; Callionymidae, family Callionymidae; Gobiidae, family Gobiidae; Eleotridae, family Eleotridae; Percophidae, family Percophidae; Toxotidae, family Toxotidae; Microdesmidae, family Microdesmidae; Acanthuridae, family Acanthuridae; Gempylidae, family Gempylidae; Trichiuridae, family Trichiuridae; Scombridae, family Scombridae; Katsuwonidae, family Kasuwonidae; Xiphiidae, family Xiphiidae; Istiophoridae, family Istiophoridae; Luvaridae, family Luvaridae; Stromateidae, family Stromateidae; Gobiesocidae, family Gobiesocidae; Lobotidae, family Lobotidae; Gerreidae, family Gerreidae, Gerridae, family Gerridae; Sillaginidae, family Sillaginidae; Amiidae, family Amiidae; Polyodontidae, family Polyodontidae; Acipenseridae, family Acipenseridae; Lepisosteidae, family Lepisosteidae; Scorpaenidae, family Scorpaenidae; Cottidae, family Cottidae; Cyclopteridae, family Cyclopteridae; Liparididae, family Liparididae, Liparidae, family Liparidae; Agonidae, family Agonidae; Hexagrammidae, family Hexagrammidae; Platycephalidae, family Platycephalidae; Triglidae, family Triglidae; Triglinae, subfamily Triglinae; Peristediinae, subfamily Peristediinae; Dactylopteridae, family Dactylopteridae; Balistidae, family Balistidae; Monocanthidae, family Monocanthidae; Ostraciidae, family Ostraciidae, family Ostraciontidae; Tetraodontidae, family Tetraodontidae; Diodontidae, family Diodontidae; Molidae, family Molidae; Pleuronectidae, family Pleuronectidae; Bothidae, family Bothidae; Cynoglossidae, family Cynoglossidae; Soleidae, family Soleidae
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