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Noun educator has 1 sense
  1. educator, pedagogue - someone who educates young people
    --1 is a kind of professional, professional person
    --1 has particulars:
     academician, academic, faculty member; lector, lecturer, reader; principal, school principal, head teacher, head; schoolmaster; teacher, instructor; Bethune, Mary McLeod Bethune; Braille, Louis Braille; Carnegie, Dale Carnegie; Comenius, John Amos Comenius, Jan Amos Komensky; Dewey, John Dewey; Froebel, Friedrich Froebel, Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel; Gallaudet, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet; Hopkins, Mark Hopkins; Hutchins, Robert Maynard Hutchins; Laney, Lucy Craft Laney; Lowell, Abbott Lawrence Lowell; Mann, Horace Mann; McGuffey, William Holmes McGuffey; Montessori, Maria Montesorri; Naismith, James Naismith; Orff, Carl Orff; Peabody, Elizabeth Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody; Pitman, Sir Isaac Pitman; Sullivan, Anne Sullivan, Anne Mansfield Sullivan; Washington, Booker T. Washington, Booker Taliaferro Washington; White, Andrew D. White, Andrew Dickson White; Willard, Emma Hart Willard; Witherspoon, John Witherspoon
    Derived form: verb educate1
educational series educational trainer educationalist educationally educationist educations educative educator-specific educator educators educe educer educew educing edulcorate edurance edurite

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