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Noun hutchins has 1 sense
  1. Hutchins, Robert Maynard Hutchins - United States educator who was president of the University of Chicago (1899-1977)
    --1 is a kind of educator, pedagogue

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Hutchins can refer to both a surname and a type of furniture.

As a Surname:

Hutchins is a popular English surname derived from the given name Hugh. It is primarily found in English-speaking countries.

Sample Sentences:

  • John Hutchins is a renowned historian.
  • The Hutchins family has a long genealogical history.
  • Mary Hutchins is an accomplished artist.

As Furniture:

A hutchins is a type of furniture, typically a cabinet or shelving unit, used for storage or display purposes. It often features shelves, compartments, and sometimes glass doors.

Sample Sentences:

  • I bought a new hutchins to showcase my collection of books.
  • The antique hutchins adds a touch of elegance to the dining room.
  • The hutchins in the living room provides ample storage for our board games.

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