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lucy craft laney


Definitions from WordNet

Noun lucy craft laney has 1 sense
  1. Laney, Lucy Craft Laney - United States educator who founded the first private school for Black students in Augusta, Georgia (1854-1933)
    --1 is a kind of educator, pedagogue

Definitions from the Web

Lucy Craft Laney

Definition: Lucy Craft Laney was an African American educator, advocate for racial equality, and founder of the Haines Institute in Augusta, Georgia, one of the first schools for African Americans.

Noun: Lucy Craft Laney was an influential educator who dedicated her life to providing quality education for African American students.

Example Sentence: Lucy Craft Laney's tireless efforts in establishing the Haines Institute paved the way for African American students to receive an education during a time of racial segregation.

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