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Adjective curative has 1 sense
  1. curative, healing, alterative, remedial, sanative, therapeutic - tending to cure or restore to health; "curative powers of herbal remedies"; "her gentle healing hand"; "remedial surgery"; "a sanative environment of mountains and fresh air"; "a therapeutic agent"; "therapeutic diets"
    Antonym: unhealthful (indirect, via healthful)
Noun curative has 1 sense
  1. remedy, curative, cure - a medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain
    --1 is a kind of medicine, medication, medicament, medicinal drug
    --1 is a part of treatment
    --1 has particulars:
     acoustic; antidote, counterpoison; emetic, vomit, vomitive, nauseant; lenitive; lotion, application; magic bullet; ointment, unction, unguent, balm, salve; palliative, alleviant, alleviator; panacea, nostrum, cure-all; preventive, preventative, prophylactic
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