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Noun cloth has 1 sense
  1. fabric, cloth, material, textile - artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; "the fabric in the curtains was light and semitraqnsparent"; "woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC"; "she measured off enough material for a dress"
    --1 is a kind of artifact, artefact
    --1 has parts: edging; hem
    --1 has substances: warp; woof, weft, filling, pick
    --1 has particulars:
     aba, aba cloth; acrylic; Aertex; alpaca; baize; basket weave; batik; batiste; belting; boucle; broadcloth; broadcloth; brocade; buckram; bunting; calico; cambric; camel's hair, camelhair; camlet; camouflage, camo; canopy; canvas, canvass; cashmere; cerecloth; challis; chambray; chenille; chiffon; chino, chino cloth; chintz; coating; cord, corduroy; cotton, cotton cloth; cotton flannel, Canton flannel; crepe, crape; cretonne; crinoline; damask; denim, dungaree, jean; diamonte; diaper; dimity; doeskin; drapery; duck; duffel, duffle; elastic; etamine, etamin; faille; felt; fiber, fibre, vulcanized fiber; flannel; flannelette; fleece; foulard; frieze; fustian; gabardine; georgette; gingham; grogram; grosgrain; haircloth, hair; herringbone; homespun, homespun fabric; hopsacking, hopsack; horsehair; jaconet; jacquard; khadi, khaddar; khaki; knit, knitted fabric; lace; lame; leatherette, imitation leather; linen; linsey-woolsey; lint; lisle; mackinaw; mackintosh, macintosh; madras; marseille; mohair; moire, watered-silk; moleskin; monk's cloth; moquette; moreen; motley; mousseline de sole; muslin; nankeen; net, network, mesh, meshing, meshwork; ninon; nylon; oilcloth; olive drab; organza; paisley; panting, trousering; pepper-and-salt; percale; permanent press, permanent-press fabric, durable press, durable-press fabric; piece of cloth, piece of material; pilot cloth; pique; plush; polyester; pongee; poplin; print; quilting; rayon; rep, repp; sackcloth; sacking, bagging; sailcloth; samite; sateen; satin; screening; scrim; seersucker; serge; shag; shantung; sharkskin; sheeting; shirting; shirttail; silesia; silk; spandex; sponge cloth; stammel; suede cloth, suede; suiting; swan's down; taffeta; tammy; tapa, tappa; tapestry, tapis; tartan, plaid; terry, terry cloth, terrycloth; ticking; toweling, towelling; tweed; twill; upholstery material; Velcro; velours, velour; velvet; velveteen; vicuna; Viyella; voile; wash-and-wear, wash-and-wear fabric; waterproof; web; webbing; whipcord; wincey; wire cloth; wool, woolen, woollen; worsted; yoke; pina cloth
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