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Definitions from WordNet

Noun jean has 2 senses
  1. jean, blue jean, denim - (usually plural) close-fitting pants of heavy denim for casual wear
    --1 is a kind of trousers, pants
    --1 has particulars: Levi's, levis
  2. denim, dungaree, jean - a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric
    --2 is a kind of fabric, cloth, material, textile

Definitions from the Web



1. A type of pants made of denim fabric, typically with a zippered or buttoned fly and straight legs.

Sample sentence: I love wearing jeans because they are comfortable and versatile.

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1. To make or repair jeans.

Sample sentence: She specializes in tailoring and jeans her own denim pants.

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1. Informal or casual; suitable for everyday wear.

Sample sentence: He wore a jean jacket with a casual t-shirt and jeans.

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1. In a simple or plain manner; without any added embellishment.

Sample sentence: The room was jean furnished with a minimalist approach.

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