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Definitions from WordNet

Noun caruncle has 1 sense
  1. caruncle, caruncula - an outgrowth on a plant or animal such as a fowl's wattle or a protuberance near the hilum of certain seeds
    --1 is a kind of process, outgrowth, appendage
    --1 has particulars: wattle, lappet; comb

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A caruncle refers to a small, fleshy, and often brightly colored outgrowth found on some animals, typically around the head or neck.

Example sentences:

  • The male turkeys display vibrant caruncles on their necks during courtship.
  • The brightly colored caruncles of some bird species serve as attractants for potential mates.


In human anatomy, a caruncle is a small protuberance or fleshy growth, especially referring to the lacrimal caruncle found on the inner corner of the eye.

Example sentences:

  • She had a small caruncle on her left eye, which didn't affect her vision.
  • The cosmetic surgeon removed the excess caruncle that was causing discomfort to the patient.


In botany, a caruncle is a specialized outgrowth found on some seeds or fruits, often serving as an aid in dispersal.

Example sentences:

  • The caruncle of the avocado seed helps attract animals for seed dispersal.
  • Some plants have edible caruncles that are enjoyed by animals and birds.

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