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Cartuage refers to a small or medium-sized vehicle with two or four wheels, typically pulled by a person or an animal. It is designed to carry goods or passengers and is commonly used in local transportation.


Sense 1:

A cartuage is a cart or a wagon used for transportation purposes.

Example Sentence:

I loaded the cartuage with all the supplies and started my journey to the market.


Usage 1:

In Popular Culture:

Cartuages can frequently be seen in historical movies and television shows, depicting scenes from ancient times or the Middle Ages.

Example Sentence:

In the film, the peasant character pulled his cartuage through the village, selling his goods.

Usage 2:

In Local Transportation:

In some rural areas, cartuages are still used as a means of local transportation, carrying people or goods from one place to another.

Example Sentence:

The locals use cartuages to transport their crops to nearby markets.

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