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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective carunculous has 1 sense
  1. caruncular, carunculous - resembling a caruncle

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Adjective: Having small fleshy outgrowths or protuberances.

Sense 1: Relating to or characterized by the presence of caruncles on a surface.

Example sentence 1: The exotic bird had carunculous skin on its head, making it stand out from other species.

Example sentence 2: The carunculous growths on the tomato plant's stem indicated a possible disease.

Noun: A small fleshy protuberance or similar outgrowth.

Sense 1: A carunculous is often found near the eyes of some animals, serving various functions including aiding in protection or attracting mates.

Example sentence 1: The turkey's carunculous was brightly colored and greatly enhanced its courtship display.

Example sentence 2: The carunculous on the rooster's head made it easily recognizable amongst the hens.

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