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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective carunculated has 1 sense
  1. carunculate, carunculated - having a caruncle

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Adjective: Having small fleshy excrescences or outgrowths, resembling small bits of meat or warts.


1. Biology:

Referring to a structure, typically found in birds, characterized by small fleshy excrescences.

Example sentence: The bright red carunculated wattles of the turkey made it stand out among the other birds.

2. Botany:

Describing a plant part, such as a seed or embryo, that is covered in small wart-like outgrowths.

Example sentence: The carunculated surface of the seed helped with its dispersal through adhesion to animal fur.


Popular Usage:

In everyday language, "carunculated" is not commonly used. It is mostly utilized in the fields of biology and botany to describe specific characteristics of living organisms.

Local Usage:

There are no specific local usages of the term "carunculated."

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