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bodily structure

Noun bodily structure has 1 sense
  1. structure, anatomical structure, complex body part, bodily structure, body structure - a particular complex anatomical structure; "he has good bone structure"
    --1 is a kind of body part
    --1 has particulars:
     layer; apodeme; calyculus, caliculus, calycle; tooth; pad; gill slit, branchial cleft, gill cleft; gill arch, branchial arch, gill bar; peristome; syrinx; bulb; carina; cauda; chiasma, chiasm, decussation; cingulum; concha; filament, filum; germ; infundibulum; interstice; landmark; limbus; rib; blade; radicle; plexus, rete; tube, tube-shaped structure; passage, passageway; fundus; funiculus; head; cavity, bodily cavity, cavum; root, tooth root; capsule; uvea; membranous labyrinth; bony labyrinth, osseous labyrinth; glans; alveolar bed; valve; vascular structure; lacrimal apparatus; cytoskeleton; nucleolus organizer, nucleolus organiser, nucleolar organizer, nucleolar organiser; centromere, kinetochore; aster; neural structure; fold, plica; gyrus, convolution; cartilaginous structure; ball; plate; horny structure, unguis; skeletal structure; costa; head; bridge; rotator cuff; cornu; corona; receptor; zone, zona
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