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academic robe


Definitions from WordNet

Noun academic robe has 1 sense
  1. academic gown, academic robe, judge's robe - a gown worn by academics or judges
    --1 is a kind of gown, robe
    --1 is a part of academic costume
    --1 has particulars: Geneva gown

Definitions from the Web

Academic Robe

Noun: An academic robe refers to a traditional attire worn by scholars, professors, and graduates during academic ceremonies such as graduations and convocations. The robe typically consists of a flowing, long gown with wide sleeves and often includes distinct features like trimmings, hoods, and tassels, which vary depending on the level of academic achievement and educational institution.

Example sentences:

  • During the graduation ceremony, the students proudly donned their academic robes, symbolizing their achievements and scholarly dedication.
  • The professor elegantly wore the academic robe, adorned with a hood and golden trimmings, signifying his long-standing contributions to the university.
  • As a doctoral candidate, Sarah searched for the perfect academic robe, knowing that it would be a cherished memento of her academic journey.

Adjective: When used as an adjective, "academic robe" pertains to anything related or resembling the attire worn by scholars and academics during academic events or formal occasions.

Example sentence: The event organizers requested that all attendees wear semi-formal attire, which included an academic robe-inspired dress code.

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