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academic in a sentence


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  1. Adjective: relating to education and scholarship; scholarly.
  2. Noun: a person who teaches or conducts research at a college or university.
  3. Noun: a student studying at a college or university.
  4. Noun: a person who is involved in a particular field of study, as an academic discipline or branch of knowledge.
  5. Noun: an academician; a member of an academy.
  6. Noun: a person who is academically accomplished or proficient.

Sample Sentences:

  • As an academic institution, the university focuses on research and educational excellence.
  • Dr. Johnson, an experienced academic, published several papers in renowned academic journals.
  • She decided to pursue a Ph.D. to become an academic in the field of Psychology.
  • Many academics attended the conference to present their research findings.
  • The renowned mathematician was elected as a distinguished academic by the local academy.
  • John is a brilliant student and is recognized for his academic achievements.

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