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Definitions from WordNet

Adverbial academically has 1 sense
  1. academically - in regard to academic matters; "academically, this is a good school"
    Derived from adjective

Definitions from the Web

Term: Academically

Part of Speech: Adverb

Sense 1: Relating to academics or education

Description: The adverb "academically" is used to describe something that is related to academics or education, typically in terms of performance, achievements, or standards.

Sample Sentence:

1. She excelled academically, earning straight A's throughout her school years.

2. Despite facing various challenges, he always managed to perform academically at a high level.


Sense 2: In a manner that pertains to academia or scholarly pursuits

Description: The adverb "academically" can also refer to something being done in a way associated with academia, scholarly activities, or the pursuit of knowledge.

Sample Sentence:

1. The paper was written academically, following all the established conventions and citing credible sources.

2. The conference brought together scholars and researchers who presented academically rigorous studies.


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