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academic gown


Definitions from WordNet

Noun academic gown has 1 sense
  1. academic gown, academic robe, judge's robe - a gown worn by academics or judges
    --1 is a kind of gown, robe
    --1 is a part of academic costume
    --1 has particulars: Geneva gown

Definitions from the Web

Academic Gown


An academic gown, also known as an academic robe or simply as a gown, is a traditional garment worn by students and faculty members during academic ceremonies, such as graduations and convocations. It symbolizes unity and distinction within the academic community.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun: The academic gown is an essential part of the graduation ceremony.
  • Verb: The professor decided to gown himself before the commencement ceremony.


  1. Formal attire: An academic gown is a specific type of formal attire worn on special academic occasions.
  2. Traditional symbol: The academic gown holds significant historical and traditional value, representing academic achievement and scholarly pursuits.


  1. Graduation ceremonies: During graduation commencements, students proudly wear their academic gowns as a symbol of completing their academic journey.
  2. Convocations: Faculty members traditionally don academic gowns during convocations to signify their role as educators and to honor the importance of knowledge dissemination.


  • Example sentence for noun usage:
    • During the graduation ceremony, the new graduates donned their academic gowns with pride.
  • Example sentence for verb usage:
    • The professor proceeded to gown himself as he prepared to lead the academic procession.

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